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Archivepro - a robust paper, file & records manager


Do you store hundreds, perhaps thousands, of paper documents in rooms, filing cabinets, and boxes? Do you wonder where you put them? Did you file them under the customer’s name or the product name? Perhaps you are just throwing those important papers in a drawer somewhere.

Archivepro software wi...

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Secure Records Management - A Road-map to Digital Transformation

Are your documents disorganized exposing them to loss, theft or even damage? Do you want to digitize your critical documents? Do you desire to outsource your document storage to a secure archive? Do you need a professional to evac...

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2019 Cybersecurity Summer Camp for Kids & Hack-a-thon

Aug 12, 2019 – Aug 30, 2019

Join our 2019 cybersecurity summer camp for kids. It is a one-week intensive camp designed for kids between the ages of 10 and 17. The primary goal of this camp is to teach these kids how to think like an ethical cyber-attacker so that they can be cybersecurity ambassadors as well as desire to pu...

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Get Certified with ease. Get 20% off your project cost!

Jul 19, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

Put an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in place quickly and effectively and achieve certification to the ISO27001:2013/17 standard with much less effort. We have a 100% Success rate bringing clients to certification!

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Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

  • GRC Roadmap Development, GRC Deployment & Integration, GRC Staff Augmentation, GRC Custom Consulting, Corporate Governance Codes

    Create and implement an effective drive for your strategy, capabilities and performance by thinking out of the box with your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. The fast changing business environment requires thinking differently about risks. Adopting an innovative approach in identifying and mitigating potential risks to the business is essential and ensuring the maturity of the processes for managing such risks can help the client seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations. Mitiget helps clients plan, assess, and improve GRC capabilities in order to achieve business goals or principled performance.
  • GRC Consulting – Roadmap Development & Handholding

    Governance - managing IT operations to align them to support the organization's business goals.
  • GRC Technology Deployment & Integration

    Mitiget helps organizations to scope their GRC requirements and recommend suitable technology to drive the maturity of GRC endeavours.
  • GRC Personnel Augmentation

    Our team can guide you in a holistic approach to governance, risk and compliance that effectively coordinates across the second and third lines of defense in order to: Reduce costs, Identify operational inefficiencies, Provide a holistic view of the organization’s risk and compliance, Enable management to make informed decisions on how to effectively allocate resources and mitigate risks.
  • ERM Setup & Implementation, Regulatory & Standard Compliance, IT Risk Assessment & Remediation, Risk Based Audit (IT/IS), Control

    Do you want to align your IT activities to business goals, manage risks effectively and stay on top of compliance? Mitiget helps any organization – public or private, large or small – build a strategy for managing overall governance, enterprise risk and compliance. We adopt a structured approach which aligns IT processes with business objectives while covering three components: Governance - managing IT operations to align them to support the organization's business goals. Risk - establishing a comprehensive enterprise risk management framework and processes to identify and mitigate any risk while leveraging opportunities in order to support organization’s business goals. Compliance – Ensuring organizational activities are operated in a way that meet the requirements of the laws and regulations without negative impact to business and systems, that is, IT systems and critical data are used and secured properly.

SECURITY SOLUTIONS: Industrial Security, Information Security & Cybersecurity Services


    Mitiget’s service on compliance to standards is more than handholding through certification process for your management system. Not only will we provide your company with the training and the tools you need to achieve certification, we will help you maintain that level readiness on an ongoing basis and attain true Organisational Resilience. Every business has a different risk tolerance. Stride enables organizations to identify and understand its risks, through strategic risk assessments and business impact analysis, the resultant is then analyzed for cost-benefit to provide our clients with the best risk reduction strategies. We guide organizations through compliance with standards including Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) – ISO 27001 Certification, Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) – ISO 22301 Certification, etc.

    There are a number of common failures that some IT departments fall victim to, which leave businesses at risk for an intrusion. Do you truly know where yours are on your networks or web applications? Nowadays, critical data breaches are occurring at an unprecedented rate. Information security and cybersecurity are gaining more and more attention at the C level which helps to increase IT budgets annually. The need for accessible on-demand data used in real-time decision making and increased focus on business efficiencies has resulted in online availability of critical data. These data have become the attraction of rogues who make concerted and targeted attacks on them using sophisticated tools and mechanisms. Vulnerabilities could be exploited to exploited including Delays in patching security flaws of operating systems and software; The use of unsecured access protocols; lapses in licensing for antivirus, IDS, IPS, and others.

    Network Security for your network Perimeters is essential. Mitiget helps you to manage and secure IT Infrastructure environment through a reliable network security audit that matches your business requirements. The number and types of attacks faced by organizations today are very high. This number only promises to increase with the acceleration in the use of new trends and innovations. Dispersed geographic operations make this worse. It is therefore essential that government organizations and enterprises of all sizes maintain secure networks. The Network Security Service at Mitiget will help you understand and cope with the technology, guide you in having the right products and improvements, and most importantly, identify the threats that the organization’s network is currently facing. The services include Network Architecture Design and Review, Wireless Network Security Review, Firewall implementation, and Rule-set Review, Host/OS Configuration Security Review, VPN Security, etc.

    Physical Security helps businesses and organizations prevent crime, eliminate intellectual property breaches, decrease vandalism, and prevent unauthorized physical network access. Our solutions include physical security information management systems, video management software, high-definition surveillance video, access control, emergency notification systems, and video analytics. At Mitiget, we provide cost-effective turnkey physical security and access control solutionsMitiget’s security solution integrates access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring with information technology to provide you with peace of mind. We offer systems to meet requirements of businesses of all sizes, or homes, from simple systems for just a few doors to systems with enterprise requirements. All of our systems are designed to meet your needs to Protect your assets with high-level building and property security; Protect your employees from unwelcome intruders; Restrict unauthorized access, etc.

    There are about 2.4 billion smartphone users globally in 2017 and more than four million apps available for download in the most popular app stores combined. The recent rush and rapid increase in smartphone popularity and app volumes often leave out an important aspect of the mobile software development lifecycle – security. Mitiget is here to help. Mobile users demand uncompromised convenience and intuitive functionality on all devices. At the same time, enterprises must prevent confidential customer information from getting into the hands of malicious adversaries who view the mobile environment as an irresistible opportunity. Enhancing mobile app security is a critical element of an effective fraud prevention strategy. Mitiget protects the mobile app platform from evolving threats, enabling innovative companies to securely deliver new offerings for the mobile channel. Our security scheme is designed to suit the best of the client’s needs.

    Is your software project designed with security in mind? Is your application’s source code secure? Or has it become another source of attack? Software project and Source Code Audit/Review is an effective method of discovering undiscovered bugs, security breaches and vulnerabilities in the source code which are otherwise overlooked in the black and grey box testing methodologies and which have the potential of compromising the security of the application. Mitiget helps in identifying and mitigating these risks. A security source code review assesses the security of an application by examining the source code. Mitiget’s code review methodology assesses the people, the processes, and the technologies perspectives in each application. By evaluating each layer of the application, the development process, and the developers themselves, Crystal Security Team can identify critical flaws, can determine the root cause of such flaws and can construct cost-effective recommendations for remediation

    Human error is now the biggest threat to businesses because the working environment has changed so dramatically. It is now a highly interactive and collaborative environment where a variety of platforms is used for sharing ideas and information. The way data is stored, accessed and used has changed. Is yours stored in a manner that confidentiality is breached? At Mitiget will help you profile your data using best practices. As data proliferates across the digital enterprise, confidential and personal data is at risk from ever-smarter cybercriminals, states, and competitors. While malicious outsiders are still rife and using sophisticated methods to try and target businesses, a large proportion of data breaches occur because of human error. According to IBM, this is the cause of 95 percent of security incidents. The way data is stored, accessed and used has changed.

    Excessive employee access is one of the fastest growing unmanaged risks to the protection of critical enterprise data and information assets. The impact of cloud, mobile devices, and IT consumerization, coupled with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, makes the possibility of a security breach a serious threat to enterprises globally. To proactively reduce these risks, Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become a pivotal component of an organization’s Information Security Framework. Let Mitiget partner with you for an effective IAM. Mitiget provides a ready to use, integrated, secure, end-to-end IAG offering including Identity Management, Access Management, Entitlement Management, Federation and SSO; built on leading Identity and Access Governance products using industry standards & best practices with configurable modules. Mitiget solution accelerators along with an experienced team that has implemented several large IAM projects enable customers to rollout IAM solutions.

    For an enterprise faced with multiple compliance requirements as well as the changing security needs of the business, the risk is both an uncertainty and an opportunity. Risk assessments serve as the foundation for a strategic approach to compliance while helping to create an effective long-term risk management program. With our experience and expertise in completing risk assessments, tailored for businesses of all sizes, Mitiget is the right partner to help you assess — and address — your vulnerability to existing and evolving threats. Information security risks include the possibility of business damage due to loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information. Mitiget’s information security risk-assessment services provide the basis to build or refine the most appropriate information security program for your organization. This service scopes your project individually to determine the best approach for your business – customized and scaled appropriately.

    Mitiget’s DR solution enables the creation of a plan and process based on the recovery strategy dictated by the business. Feel confident in your ability to recover critical business information, meeting the tight RPO and RTO SLAs the business requires. When you partner with Mitiget your disaster recovery plan is ready to be enacted the moment you need it, to get your business back up and running quickly. We provide a comprehensive disaster recovery program that leverages both cloud-based and traditional offsite media storage components. We’ll help build and test a customized disaster response program to give you confidence in the ability to recover critical business information.

    Denis Waitley said: “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised,” Business continuity planning is vital to survival and should not be put off indefinitely as you focus on today’s challenges. How reliable is yours? Mitiget is the #1 Business Continuity Plan's Alternative Site Provider in Nigeria – We have a BCP space for you at our state-of-the-art Data Centre. Contact us today!
  • Security Technologies Deployment

    CCTV; Surveillance systems; Firewalls such as Cisco, fortinet, sophos, checkpoint, etc; comodo; electric fences, security doors, control room, fire systems, etc.
  • IT Security Awareness Training Services

    Reduce Your Risk Today! Raise Awareness with Targeted Training. Mitiget also specializes in providing performance-based training/awareness program for employees of organizations to understand and avoid common security threats. This could greatly reduce your organization’s risk. Our team of security experts, in partnership with Security Innovation, can help you protect your organization—with everything from social engineering to password protection, email security, and more. Educate your workforce on proper security etiquette today.



    Mitiget is a veteran when it comes to establishing governance for records management. We understudy our client’s business environment and develop the enabling structures and processes for the management and protection of vital records.We partner with you to develop and publish a best practice Information and Records Policy that suits your specific business requirements.An Information and Records Management program requires making policy statements about the creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of your records and information. An Information and Records Management program requires making policy statements about the creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of your records and information. Mitiget’s team guides your team through a series of best practice areas covering the information lifecycle, prompting them to make policy decisions that address both paper and electronic record.

    Mitiget has capability to digitize over 3,000,000 images per month. Whether you’re looking to digitize your back archives or need regular scanning for invoices or incoming mail, Mitiget can handle your document scanning needs. We are a bulk scanning company with experience helping company’s move their documents online. Our preparation teams remove staples and paper clips, operate the scanners, perform quality checks and ensure your documents are delivered in a suitable format. Once scanned, documents can be digitally filed (indexed) in any order as agreed by the client. This enables records to be digitally searched using a keyword tool. Our team can cope with the majority of document sizes. The most common is A4 and A3, but our high volume technology and bulk scanning services can capture most image sizes, such as small tickets and expense receipts. We also have a large format scanning team, set up to handle any size large format drawings, maps, diagrams and plans, etc.

    Don’t Let Your Documents Become a Liability — Shred it.With Mitiget’s Secure Shredding services, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents. Onsite or offsite, one-time or recurring, our solutions are tailored to you. An information breach could cost you millions. Protect your business. Mitiget has a range of services that include paper shredding and hard drive destruction to meet your daily or occasional needs to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated confidential information. By choosing Mitiget, you’re partnering with an information management company that follows destruction industry best practices. We handle all documents with a consistent Chain-of-Custody, resulting in a tightly controlled, documented process.

    Paper files often require a large amount of office space. We also specialize in designing and setting up a professional paper archives for references and for regulatory compliance as well as provide guidance in setting up records in files and files in a box in order to minimize the amount of file storage needed. Spending time to properly set up files in the beginning will reduce the amount of staff time spent locating and managing files later. We also recommend suitable archive boxes and methodology for referencing. We also supply the secure archive boxes that could preserve and protect your records over time. We also offer paper preparation and indexing. We also help our clients create manifest for all the records in the archive alongside their locations (rows and columns).
  • Electronic Document Management System Deployment

    Mitiget deploys a Simple and intuitive electronic document management system (EDMS) on-site and on the cloud. This enables organizations track, access and apply policies to active or inactive records—wherever they reside. With EDMS, you can bring consistency to your records classification, indexing, retention and hold management—while reducing associated risk. Our EDMS centrally manages records from inception through active and onsite management, during archival storage management, to and through destruction wherever the records reside. It also ensures security of records and reduces costs while meeting legal, regulatory and compliance obligations. Our EDMS supports the full range of capabilities required for physical records management, including: Support for active records process workflow, Customizable box/file description templates, Search and request capabilities, Physical inventory management, Role-based security to control access, etc.


  • Microsoft Product Deployment - Office 365

    Mitiget's Office 365 program can help you better understand those options and identify the best path forward with Office 365 for your organization. As a Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner, our team is trained and certified in strategy, planning, deployment, and migration services. Engage one of our experts in a discovery call to discuss your needs and learn how Office 365 can help. We also offer planning services to assist those who are ready for deployment planning workshops or a Proof Of Concept (POC). We support your team to get your organization onto the Office 365 platform by taking advantage of our deployment and migration services including Identity Management Configuration with Azure AD or Azure AD Premium, Single Sign On (SSO) with ADFS for Office 365, Greenfield Office 365 deployments, Email migrations from any platform to Exchange Online, Data migrations to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online deployments and migrations, etc.
  • Network Architecture Solutions

    Is Your Network Ready for Today’s IT Landscape? Dig Deep into Your Network Architecture. The network architecture is the core of the network, and networking is the ultimate backbone of the infrastructure—enabling transport to all the different resources needed for an organization’s activities. Server, storage, security, and software can all affect the network architecture. As networks within data centers are becoming denser with disparate geographies, communication with outside data centers is a key consideration. Additionally, business continuity and elements such as disaster recovery (DR), backup, and cloud services are all driving the design evolution of network architectures. Mitiget's Network Assessment gives you a clear view of your network. Our Network Inventory Report, Assess Report, and Visio Network Topology can help provide a clearer picture of your network to ensure your IT success. We are expert at design, planning and implementation of functional corporate network.
  • IBM Servers, Storage and Solutions Supply, Installations and Support

    IBM Server – Storage – Cloud – Procurement, implementation, configuration and support. Mitiget offers the most highly focussed, service driven support available. We offer remote or on-site support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on most platforms including IBM servers. Our focused approach allows your business to deliver strategy and service at a far lower cost than supporting your own ICT platform and resource. We offer the flexibility to pick and choose the services you need to maintain and manage your systems, for a fraction of the cost of recruiting and retaining in-house staff. We offer a flexible, scalable, service driven approach, so whether you need a fully managed datacenter solution, or onsite management and support of individual systems we can put together a package to suit your business requirements. Our wide range of technical expertise within the enterprise marketplace means we can provide support across the whole of your infrastructure landscape.
  • Data Centre Services

    We strive to balance leading-edge technology innovation with highly skilled resources to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed customers’ needs. Being the #1 Business Continuity Solution Provider in Nigeria, Mitiget operates a state-of-the-art Data Centre facility at Lagos Mainland more than 25 km from Lagos Island with our partner, Ceflix-Scepter. In the data center, we offers: Co-location, Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions; Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Site Solutions; Application Hosting and Managed Security; Professional Data Centre Cleaning expertise.
  • IT Governance and Project Handling

    We design and implement IT Strategy, Policies, SOPs, Segregation of Duties, Oversight Processes and Compliance Frameworks. We also manage with utmost responsibility and discipline IT project, no matter how complex it may be. This includes new project management, IT Equipment Decommissioning & Evacuation, Patch Management, IT Consulting, etc.
  • Home Automation and Security Systems

    Mitiget provides affordable, easy to use systems that work with your smart device. Keep your home secure with high-definition video monitoring, window and door sensors, motion detectors, an alert siren, and push notifications straight to your smart device if your Alarm system is ever triggered. Monitor your home by coordinating with your IoT devices to control everything from when your lights turn off to how high your thermostat is set. Lock/Unlock your home. Open and Close your garage door. Know your home is safe with devices that send push notifications straight to your smart device if smoke, Carbon Monoxide, or leaks are detected in your home.Take the stress out of caring for the elderly and disabled, with video security, panic buttons that send notifications to care-givers in the case of a medical emergency, and even medication dispensing systems that send usage data straight to your smart device.
  • Smart Work Area

    We design, supply, implementation and support Network Computers and Servers. We are also system integrators that also provide IT Skill Outsourcing. We also size up your computing needs and design, supply and install the solution that will enhance productivity in your organization.
  • Server Room Services

    Data Centre Cabling & Management, Raised Floor Design & Implementation, Power Audit, Data Centre Professional Cleaning…Mitiget sets the standard for quality, innovation, and support to improve the energy and performance efficiency of large scale corporate datacentres and Server rooms. By implementing energy efficiency products such as Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Enclosures, exhaust air extraction systems, air management products including rack infill panels and floor grommets together with “state of the art” Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS). Our services can typically provide protection against data loss, hardware damage, and downtime caused by inconsistent and excessive heat. Mitiget is a market leader in the design, construction and implementation of high availability server rooms including: Surge suppressors/Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), precision in-row cooling equipment, fire detection-suppression systems, Environmental & Water Detection Systems, and Monitoring, etc.

ISO 27001 Readiness Toolkits

  • Professional Policies, Procedures, Reports and Other Documentation Toolkits

    Mitiget develops and consults on professional documentation and reporting templates such as Policies and Procedure, Frameworks and Security Logs, Risk Register and Board’s Risk Reporting Templates/Toolkits. When also customize this fully for anyone the desires to suit organizations.

Professional IT, Risk Management, Security Training Courses

  • Specialized Training Courses

    Microsoft Training Courses: MS Excel – Advanced Course, MS PowerPoint – Advanced Course, MS Word – Advanced Course; PECB Training Courses: Governance, Risk & Compliance, InfoSec Management, IT Security, Continuity, Resilience & Recovery; ISACA & ISC2 Training Courses: ISC2 - CISSP, ISACA - CISA, ISACA - CISM; EC-Council Training Courses: C|CISO and CEH.

...assurance Assured

Mitiget is a leading Enterprise Information Security company delivering comprehensive security, safety and compliance solutions. We are the #1 Business Continuity Facility and Solution Provider in Nigeria. Our solutions are the most competitively priced to a myriad of industry verticals, empowering enterprises to achieve a business enabled defense-in-depth security posture, manage corporate risk, improve compliance, and attain proactive detection and prevention of security threats to their people, processes, computing infrastructure including data, and applications. Our signature approach combines extensive and in-depth case specific solutions. We believe in partnering with our clients, not just doing business with them. Our culture thrives on innovating new ways to solve their biggest challenges.We deliver measurable values from where we take over – minimum of 25% improvement. Our focus is to instill risk based decision-making culture and a tangible information and cyber-security practices enterprise-wide. Our exceptionalism is powered by two key components:
  1. We offer value for money while continually developing uncommon specialist products and services.
  2. We pride ourselves with the skill, expertise and experience of our people.  We focus on exemplary leadership, mentorship, respect for one another and cherishing family values in building internal capacity for excellence. We shall continue to be competitive in our compensation regime, good working conditions, excellent training and great career opportunities to our people. We shall continually drive our people to improve their skills and qualifications so that we could become accredited to recognized industry standard relevant to the business.
 The company is registered in Nigeria and has multiple teams – technical, research and development – in Nigeria, South Africa, India, US and UK. Our high-performance business strategy is to use our expertise in servicing clients across Nigeria and Africa – even as the globe is our target.

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